June 18, 2012

The Grave Beneath

When the quake event comes to pass
Then will no mortal soul present
Witness the end or broadcast
Falsehood concerning its eruption

June 09, 2012


They are still hot on our heels
Determined to poison our conscience
As they sought for our loopholes
Into the deeper part of our flesh

June 03, 2012

The Hangman

It shall to nobody be a surprise
That one day I, the hangman shall also die
In my hands the prisoners cry
Though I hate none in despise

My Mother

When times of glory were dead and gone
And days of perilous challenges are on
Who stood by me from dusk to dawn?
And never had me toil in the scorching sun


Two ladies were caught up in the loudest of talks
Like the Agbor dancer entangled in the maze of music
Little did they care to know what happens around them
Or what transpires to call for their immediate attention