December 31, 2012

My Alma Mater: Creative Minds Foundation

Even as the moon rides by the night
And the sun travels by the day
Your intention to excel never dashes away
And it is forever a great delight

December 24, 2012

A Charmed Night

The sun sets from superior summit
And night steadily stole in
Like the toughened criminals back to work
Into the boundaries of the busy city

December 10, 2012

Fair Weather Friend

All things I gave you faithful fan
And set for you a wholly caravan
But you became a stingy lad
Who never wanted to say he had

December 03, 2012

New Year Rain

It started firstly the clouds rolling in clusters
Causing darkness to overcome daylight
The wind arrived in a frankly filthy mood
Causing a stir and havoc to a devoid earth

November 21, 2012

A Season without Remorse

I witnessed as you carelessly cracked lips
Making the gardens wither
Dust penetrating into every nook and corner
Flowers turning pale, fertile soil getting hard

November 12, 2012

Moonlight Guest

Just by the late hour of the night
I see a shadow by me so bright
He sticks around me like glue
Moves to and fro just as I do
He shoots and grows taller like a rubber-tree
Or shorter, the height no man could be

November 05, 2012

Songs of the Righteous Man

I was born in hardship
But thanks to God for seeing me through
I was never born great
But achieved greatness full of weight

October 19, 2012

To Gani (Human Rights Activist)

The traveller was back to the shore
Only to meet his ferry gliding away
Helped by the changes of the tide
And an ocean tears of bitterness
That accumulated while he was away

October 04, 2012

The Bride

Decades after, the suitors still come to sway
Approaching with enthusiasm and murderous love
With brim confidence to lure her away
Yet show little for the legitimates to approve

October 03, 2012

A Tribute to Dagrin

DAGRIN, a leader in entertainment gone so soon
From mother earth to the dark grave room
Emotions were betrayed we never thought you’ll depart
But we‘ve conclude to admit you’ve played your part